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Ganoderma wall-broken spores and polysaccharides


Health Canada NPN 80033258, NPN 80034040


What is GanoderMax?

GanoderMax is scientifically formulated using Ganoderma wall-broken spores and polysaccharides to maximize immunomodulating functions. It is used to strengthen immune system, delay aging, increase blood circulation, combat allergy, and improve well-being.

Health benefits

  • Strengthens immunity, combats allergy
  • Delays aging, increases blood circulation
  • Maintains normal blood pressure
  • Inhibits tumour cell growth
  • Improves well-being


  • Patented enzymatic technology used to break spore cell walls without damaging active ingredients
  • Proprietary formulation that maximizes health benefits
  • Manufactured according to stringent GMP guidelines
  • Tested by Health Canada certified independent labs to the quality requirements


50 g powder


Ingredients:  Ganoderma wall-broken spores and polysaccharides extracted from mycelia and fruit bodies. Energene’s products are certified to contain no artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, or sweeteners.


Recommended Dose for Adults:  For health supplement, take 2~~4 capsules (0.5~~1 g), twice a day; for therapy supplement, take 4~~8 capsules (1~~2 g), twice a day or as directed by a healthcare professional.  For pregnant women and children, consult a healthcare professional.



GanoderMax [pdf]

White papers:

Tumour cell adhesion and integrin expression affected by Ganoderma lucidum, Wu et al. [pdf]
Ganoderma lucidum inhibits tumour cell proliferation and induces tumour cell death, Xie et al. [pdf]
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