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Independent Laboratory Tests
To ensure the highest quality standards, Energene submits its finished products to an independent laboratory for third party validation. This preeminent laboratory meets the Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) approval from Health Canada.   All the Company’s products are tested to meet Health Canada’s quality requirements in heavy metals, multi-residue pesticides, and microbiology.
Heavy metals analysis in GanoderMax 250 mg capsules by
CANTEST® compared with Health Canada’s acceptance limits [1]

Results of microbiological analysis in GanoderMax 250 mg
capsules tested by CANTEST® .


Notes: [1] assuming a 70 kg body weight and consumption of 2 g GanoderMax per day
          [2] CANTEST® is the registered trademark of CANTEST Ltd.

Test reports:
Heavy metals analysis [pdf]
Microbiology analysis [pdf]


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